‘Oh My God’ is the latest youthful alt-pop banger from Boniface

The track is pulled from his upcoming debut LP Fumbling

The latest single from Micah Visser alias Boniface is a glittering showcase of the artists unique sound, marrying dreamy melodies with a razor-sharp Indie cutting edge.

Soaring hooks are found throughout the track, and give way to a memorable chorus that has every chance of worming its way into your head for the foreseeable future. The Canadian is setting himself firmly apart from his peers with his evocative songwriting that packs a powerful and infectious punch, leaving a unique and distinctive taste that allows you to pick Boniface tracks out in a crowded and saturated scene. The confidence and guile of Boniface is getting more evident and pronounced with every release, and it seems like the artist is truly reaching the peak of his powers. Big, big things are still to come from this artist, we can tell.

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