‘Toothpaste Kisses’ is a commanding and heartbroken new release from Daniella Binyamin

The track provides a stark contrast to her lauded, playful debut single 'Grand Hotel'.

The track provides a stark contrast to her lauded, playful debut single ‘Grand Hotel’.

Since the release of her debut single ‘Grand Hotel’, Daniella Binyamin is an artist that we have championed at CLOUT thanks to her affable and personable writing and the lush, melodic nature to her sound that has a charismatic quirkiness that bores comparisons to artists like Regina Spektor.

The artist has now released its follow up, the heartbroken ‘Toothpaste Kisses’. The pep and bounciness of the singer-songwriters sound are gone here, replaced with more sobering melodies and a real sense of gravity and poignancy. The track has a real sense of immediacy, and the inclusion of a string quartet only adds to the drama and stakes of the commanding sound. ‘Grand Hotel’ and ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ represent two distinctly different sides of Daniella’s sound with each as captivating and memorable as the other, in truly unique and differing ways.

“The day I wrote “toothpaste kisses” I remember feeling everything and nothing all at once.” The artist admits. “The afterglow of the break up and the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with it was washing over me, and I went back and forth between feeling free and like I’d lost everything. Me and my co-producer and writer Oskar Nyman had booked a session to write for another artist, but when we met I just felt like I needed to write something else. Something real. I needed to get all those feelings off my chest. Those feelings turned into “Toothpaste Kisses”.