‘Buy More Time’ is a catchy and thoughtful new release from Darla Jade

The track is the vibrant electro-pop artist's first release of 2023.

The track is the vibrant electro-pop artist’s first release of 2023.

Having spent the last few years establishing her lush, electronic pop sound, Darla Jade has finally brought her unique appeal and charm into 2023 with the release of her excellent new single ‘Buy More Time’.

The lauded writer, vocalist and performer has been an increasingly sought after and revered talent since her emergence back in 2020, and this latest single just highlights the nuance and creativity that she has developed as an artist over the last few years. The track addresses the hectic schedule that the artist has and the added strain that this can have on personal relationships and trying to have some kind of normality. As always, the artist’s effortlessly catchy sound provides the track with an a real sense of bounce and energy despite the bittersweet nature of the narrative, continuing to affirm her status as one of UK electro-pop’s most exciting shining lights.

Speaking more in depth about the release, Darla explains “It’s written around the concept of wishing I could buy more time with my partner, as I don’t get to see him as often as I would like due to us living across the country, so it’s definitely a song for all the couples out there that are in middle/long distance relationships. Around the time of writing the track I had watched the film ‘In Time’, written and directed by Andrew Niccol, which depicts time as the currency on how you are paid, etc, and I just found the concept really fascinating.”