‘Sugarcoated’ is a slow burning and poignant slice of psychedelic country from Doobie Fontaine

The multinational four-piece provide us with something a little different

Every now and then you hear a track that really gets under your skin and leaves an impression with you. Doobie Fontaine‘s latest single ‘Sugarcoated’ has all the makings of being one of those tracks.

The London-based international four-piece, with members hailing from Australia, New Zealand and the UK, have crafted a brooding and almost mesmerising piece of art on the track. Aspects of country and psychedelia are welded together in a surprisingly seamless manner, creating a feeling somewhere between euphoria and an underlying haunting nature. ‘Sugarcoated’ unfolds gracefully, and is a perfect example of of the unique tact and creativity that Doobie Fontaine are armed with. You may not hear anything like this for a while.

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