Eades confront anxiety in ‘Forget What You Want’

The debut EP 'Microcosmic Things' drops this July!

The debut EP Microcosmic Things drops this July!

Rising Leeds indie rockers Eades return with new single ‘Forget What You Want’. The track follows the recent release ‘Same Guy’ and precedes the band’s debut EP Microcosmic Things, which drops this July!

The latest instalment of their bright and breezy sound, lo-fi production conjures an affably relatable tone with energetic percussion and jangly guitar work. Drifting forth with an undeniably slacker rock undertone, the track carries a darker sentiment despite its light sound.

“It’s about a malcontent mind, who whilst trying to sleep, without the distractions of day to day life, gets caught up in an abstract etiological search for the root of all his current problems,” shares vocalist Harry Jordan. “The chorus refers to how dark moments are often more formative than happy times: you simply experience and enjoy happy moments, whereas dark moments can linger, stew and twist you irrevocably.”

‘Forget What You Want’ is available now via Bam Bam Records. Eades’ debut EP Microcosmic Things is released on 10th July.