Eames High – Sleep Deep

'Sleep Deep' is the poignant new single from Eames High, in memory of a close friend

‘Sleep Deep’ is the poignant new single from Eames High, in memory of a close friend

‘Sleep Deep’ is a unique and memorable track that deals with loss and mourning though Eames High’s distinguished indie pop sound. The track, written, produced, mixed and mastered by the artist, allows them a cathartic release, and a means to express their emotions in a creative way.

“Essentially, ‘Sleep Deep’ is a reflective piece written about losing my best friend Monty to cancer. He was one of my biggest supporters and generally a magnetic energy. His health capitulated rapidly and before I knew it, he was gone.” Eames High told us.

“A few weeks after mourning, I took out my phone’s voice memo’s and started recording me humming the vocal melody and using the words “sleep so deep”, which ultimately stuck.

“After that the song fell into place. I also produced and mixed it because I didn’t want to lose any of the emotion that I was conveying. I sent the master to my mate who has worked as an mastering engineer with artists that I respect, such as the Flaming Lips and Kings of Leon. Now the rest is history.

“In the end I feel like anyone who has every lost something that they were connected with can relate to this song and hopefully in a therapeutic sense. Its meaning falls during the split juncture of life and afterlife.”

By releasing a track with such a heartfelt message that hits so close to home, the track can be applied to many others going through similar situations and hopefully work as a comfort blanket for them.

Early on into his career, Eames High has shown that he is not afraid to delve into personal and difficult subjects within his work, and has provided a fitting tribute to his fallen friend.