‘The Enemy’ is an anthemic new release from UK upstart Lizzie Esau

The track follows the release of 'Shade of Green' earlier this year. 

The track follows the release of ‘Shade of Green’ earlier this year.

Emerging UK artist Lizzie Esau is someone who has found a unique voice for herself that allows her to stand out and feel distinctive in a crowded alternative pop scene.

Her sound borrows from a range of genres, ranging from pop to anthemic, stadium-sized indie rock, stacked full of melodic moments and huge, raw-edged emphatic moments of catharsis and emotion. Latest release ‘The Enemy’ is a perfect example of this, packing modern pop sensibilities and a catchy feel but with a really earnest and volatile cutting edge that provides the sound with a real authentic rawness and sense of dynamism. As the artist explains, the track is an anthem for outcasts, a track for those who never felt a part of the system they were brought up in and were pushed to the fringes. The artist’s distinctive style and unique charisma does a stellar job of positioning herself as someone with a real distinctive bite and flavour and an appeal that will find people looking for something outside of the conventional and bland.

“The enemy is about someone who doesn’t fit in or work well in school and so is pushed a future they don’t want or feel they have control.” Lizzie says of the track. “It explores how this leads to rebellion and frustration often soothed by overconsumption. Overall I wanted this song to portray the bitter truth of life I have seen around me but also end with a sense of hope and going against what is expected.”