‘Cry Me An Ocean’ is an intoxicating, bittersweet second single from the emerging Lucy Lane

The track follows the artist's encouraging debut release 'I'm Not Coming'.

The track follows the artist’s encouraging debut release ‘I’m Not Coming’.

On her second single ‘Cry Me An Ocean’, brand new UK artist Lucy Lane continues to build on the momentum of her well-received debut and flesh out her immersive electro-pop sound.

The track boasts a captivating soundscape that melds synths, guitars and harmonies to craft a package that feels like classic noughties fare with a revitalisingly modern sheen, providing the perfect backdrop for the track’s bittersweet, lovesick narrative. Themes like love and anxiety are explored throughout the track, with Lucy demonstrating her affable, relatable flair as she tries to find herself within a drowning relationship that is well on its way to engulfing her. There is a lot to love here, with its lush pop sensibilities and thoughtful lyrics making for a compelling and thought-provoking listen.

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