‘Code: Red (7 Years)’ is an affecting and frustrated new release from Mackenzie Day

The track follows the release of the excellent 'My Psychic Said'.

The track follows the release of the excellent ‘My Psychic Said’.

Every day, all around you, people are fighting battles that nobody else even knows about. These invisible bouts that people have with things like mental health and depression and anxiety are often ignored or disregarded by society, and latest Mackenzie Day release ‘Code: Red (7 Years)’ seeks to address that.

The punchy and dynamic track is about the struggles that the artist’s sister has had with similar issues, and the lack of understanding and ignorance that family members have shown towards it. The alt-pop singer songwriter has clearly channeled this energy and her frustration into the track wholeheartedly because the track feels emphatic and driving throughout, with the artist’s heartfelt and impactful lyrics delivered with a thoughtful authenticity that feels rousing and deeply emotive.

‘Code: Red (7 Years) is a track that clearly comes from a very real, and very pissed off place, but there is a really anthemic nature to the sound that encapsulates the appeal of the artist. This is alt-pop at its most raw and earnest, with Mackenzie wearing her heart on her sleeve and writing about what is important to her, and the result is an exhilarating journey that will hopefully open up a few eyes to the reality of living with mental health issues.