Mother Vulture continue to give classic rock a modern edge on new single ‘Honey’

The track marks the emphatic outfit's first release of 2022.

The track marks the emphatic outfit’s first release of 2022.

If you like huge riffs, powerhouse vocals, and soaring, singalong choruses, then there’s a good chance that this might be the band for you.Bristol’s Mother Vulture¬†are an outfit that pack all the pomp and bombast of your wildest 80s rock outfits but with a slick, contemporary style that feels like a seamless bridge from the past to now.

Latest release ‘Honey’ is the perfect example of this, from its purposeful, driving riffs, to its infectious grooves and melodic edge. This is alternative rock for people who say that rock just isn’t the same anymore, borrowing aspects from a range of eras and styles to make something that feels both refreshingly modern and rousingly familiar, both endlessly melodic and uncompromisingly heavy. A great track from an outfit who seem custom built for open-air festival stages.