Amanda Frances – cute

Amanda Frances is back with synth-pop infused contender 'cute'

Amanda Frances is back with synth-pop infused contender ‘cute’

Another step in the right direction, Amanda Frances’ latest endeavour is called “cute“. This Canadian singer-songwriter pairs her trademark sound of heart-on-sleeve lyricism with empowering synthesisers to illustrate the track’s sombre story.

Iconic in all the right places, this track is a statement to always be honest Stating that being trustworthy is the best sort of policy, Amanda’s latest anthem says it how it is, and that’s what makes us love it even more.

Detailing her thoughts on the release, Amanda tells us, “There are things in this song that I’ve only ever told to my therapist. It’s brutally honest – possibly bordering on being a little too honest – and that’s what I love about it. I have a rule when I’m writing that if I stop and go, “yikes, can I say that?” then I absolutely do.

Recording “cute” was a new experience in and of itself; it was written and produced all during lockdown. I’m super grateful to have worked with Father Bobby Townsend on this one, who is an absolute unicorn of a human being.

He was in Edmonton and I was in Toronto, so we actually recorded the entire song over a series of Zoom calls and even cut my vocals in my bedroom while he produced over Zoom.”

Unapologetic and layered with sass, this is a bold move for the singer-songwriter and we’re completely living for it.

Musically, the track builds with vibrance and reassurance. Visually, the video illuminates Amanda singing her heart out into the camera lens, with her cards fully on the table.

Get this track in your life – it’s an experience best served loudly, while you sing the melody into a hairbrush.