Annie Tisshaw – We Can Go High

'We Can Go High' is an empowering and uplifting new single from Annie Tisshaw

‘We Can Go High’ is an empowering and uplifting new single from Annie Tisshaw

Norfolk born singer singwriter Annie Tisshaw is at her fiery and awe-inspiring best on this emphatic new release.

‘We Can Go High’ is as powerful and hard-hitting as it is catchy and enjoyable. Annie is a beacon of light to women and anybody fighting adversity though her music and her story and this track is no exception.

The track is playful and vibrant in its structure and the way it seems completely disregard genre limitations, while maintaining a colourful cutting-edge appeal.

“I wrote this song after attending the London women’s
march in 2017, this march was in support of the marches going on in
America and around the world, which were a protest against the
inauguration of Trump. There was an extreme sense of community, support and love.” Annie told us of the track.

“I left feeling so empowered and I wanted to write a song that
could emulate this feeling to those that hadn’t attended. The song was
entirely written, recorded and produced between mine and my friends

“Once I had finished the song I felt like something was
missing. I remembered a spoken word poem I had seen on Youtube, written and performed beautiful by a young American and I suddenly started scavenging the internet to find it again. It was Nasty Woman by Nina Donovan.”

“I reached out to Nina and was so excited when she got back to me to say I could use the clip. It was perfect and fit into the song so well, it really took the song to another level and I’m so thankful to Nina for that.”

The clip that Annie mentions is harrowingly powerful and only adds to the defiant nature of the track. While there is a lot of fun to be had on the track and with Annie’s music in general, the hard-hitting core is what elevates the music to truly memorable and vital status.

‘We Can Go High’ is a welcome piece of art among an unusually bleak moment of time that we seem to be finding ourselves in.

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