Austel – Dry

London-based dark pop artist Austel returns with haunting new single 'Dry'

London-based dark pop artist Austel returns with haunting new single ‘Dry’

The most striking thing about the track is its innate sense of atmosphere and place. As the listener, you are transported to within the world of the track within an instant, accosted by the soft vocals and the nuanced and unique sound of the old piano.

The unique software designed and built by producer Adam Stark provides the track, and specifically its vocals, with other-worldly quality that is so easy to get lost in.

“Dry was written and recorded within the space of a few days. Adam and I were at the studio after a few drinks – I’d written a really sad new song, he’d been working on some new music software. We had a jam, recorded it, and when we listened back the next day, we realised we’d created something pretty magic.” Austel told us.

“The intimacy and melancholia of the old piano combined with the dreamy, otherworldly effects of the granular synthesis perfectly encapture the song’s sense of memory, and how it distorts over time.”

The result is a soundscape that is in equal parts haunting and ethereal. Both straight-forward and complex, ‘Dry’ is a track that can be enjoyed on whatever level of depth that the listener likes.

We can’t guarantee how what range of emotions you will touch on when you come out of the other side, but journey and the experience provided by the track are sure to intoxicate you and give you that level of escapism that all truly great music does.