BE GOOD – Cathy

Oxford quartet BE GOOD return with indie-meets-lo-fi pop track ‘Cathy’

Oxford quartet BE GOOD return with indie-meets-lo-fi pop track ‘Cathy’

Recorded at the start of lockdown from the band’s home studio in East Oxford, ‘Cathy’ features London based artists Sansha contributing to backing vocals. With the story of their name coming from chemistry professor John B. Goodenough, BE GOOD always think outside the box.

‘Cathy’ illustrates itself in vulnerable lyrics, whereas the instrumentation is uplifting and eager for the next step.

Singer Ash Cooke stated, “The song is a selfish plea for better treatment from Cathy, and her response reminding me to look at myself before laying the blame on others if I feel unfulfilled. This was the first song we wrote during lockdown, and we were able lucky enough to be able to continue recording in our bedroom studio.

For a lot of people this period has been a time of quiet introspection as well justified outrage at what’s going on in the world. When we were writing the song, I could imagine Cathy urging me to take the time to figure out how to be better person after this is all over, and I hope I can be.”

While “Cathy” comes as a plea for reassurance, this indie-pop number still feels peaceful and euphoric. A sort of moving on with your head held high vibe, this track states to never jump to conclusions and always try to be the best version of yourself.

BE GOOD and stream ‘Cathy’ exclusively before it’s release tomorrow.