Crystal Tides – Deserter

Crystal Tides latest anthem ‘Deserter’ showcases an elevating amount of energy and outright confidence

Crystal Tides latest anthem ‘Deserter’ showcases an elevating amount of energy and outright confidence 

Indie-rock quarter Crystal Tides are based on the South Coast of England. Reflecting on their upbringings, the band’s Crystal Tides name came easily. Sounding nostalgic but holding onto the summer feel of the seaside, Crystal Tides hold onto the feeling of growing up but still having the excitable inner child. Returninxg with ‘Deserter’, the track was recorded at Old Chapel Studios, Nutbourne, produced by David Evans, mixed by Paul

Burton and David Evans and was mastered by Pete Maher. Gaining a strong reputation and recognition from a wide amount of outlets, the four piece are aiming for the stars and with the new single, they’ll be there sooner than we think.

“Deserter is about a former band member and close friend who left the band for reasons unknown and unexplained to us; someone that we thought we were close with but just left out of the blue and has now cut all ties with us. This song represents our feelings about this loss and the uncertainty it has caused for each individual member and also collectively as a band.”

Vibrant and featuring some of the warmest guitar tones you’ll hear all week, this track belongs at the top of the charts. Bathed in an exceptional vocal range, a glistening amount of energy and tones of enthusiasm, the showmanship is a big middle fingers up to the past. Moving on and excelling in their own way, this band are sure to have gold in their future. A fantastic number that radiates in not only indie rock but pure contentment. 

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