The Dardi Shades – Best Friend

Bringing summer back to the UK, The Dardi Shades radiate with life and colour in “Best Friend”

Bringing summer back to the UK, The Dardi Shades radiate with life and colour in “Best Friend”

Bursting with a vibrant naxture from the opening chord, The Dardi Shades’ ‘Best Friend’ could brighten any mood with it’s glistening sound. NSW Camden-based, they’re bringing summer back to the UK with their highly energetic new single. Following on from the success of their recent release ‘Yeah You’re Young’, the new track was also produced by Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths, Boy & Bear, Clews, Triple One). Drawing parallels to the likes of The Kooks & Courteeners, ‘Best Friend’ builds upon the inspired British sound that The Dardi Shades strive to achieve. 

“The narrative in Best Friend is fictional, however it is inspired by behavior we all at some point or another become privy to; whether it be as an observer or even as a victim. Best Friend quite simply follows the story of a person (written from a male perspective) who has feelings for a girl who is currently in a toxic and abusive relationship with someone else. The story pleads with the girl to understand her worth and realize that she deserves, and can in-fact achieve someone better, and that in this case the protagonist will show her the warranted affection she deserves. The chorus is an anthem about throwing caution to the wind through the playfully harmless offer of solace that is simply “hey it’s the weekend, don’t worry cause I will be your best friend””

Powerful driven by bass, the anthem pushes and pulls through a provoking lyrical context. Armed with a sing-along chorus field with a big jangly, guitar driven aura, the bright sound can warm anyone’s dark day. Whereas the root lies behind a dark toxic relationship, the outcome feels positive and uplifts the negative aspect into something quite special. Including an unforgettable hook line, Best Friend is the go to track to uplift someone’s spirits. Another iconic fragrance into The Dardi Shades’ discography.

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