Jewelia – Is This World Mine

Pop singer-songwriter Jewelia has the world in her palm in breathtaking new single

Pop singer-songwriter Jewelia has the world in her palm in breathtaking new single

London based singer-songwriter Jewelia specialises in creating art-pop music with a distinctive sound.

Known for her stunning vocals and breathtaking songwriting, the songwriter is back with a new single that’s best described as a piece of art.

Titled ‘Is This World Mine’, the new single is a moving snapshot about modern society and how we sometimes feel dislocated from reality.

Fitting perfectly with an emotive music video that feels influenced by previous eras, Jewelia’s latest release is relatable for every single person on earth.

We’ve all been affected by the pandemic in some way or another, and ‘Is This World Mine’ feels like the anthem we all need right about now.

Describing her latest release, Jewelia states, “I wrote ‘Is this world mine’ at a time of isolation and uncertainty, when everything seemed to plunge into chaos. Watching the news was more than ever a slideshow of misery: Coronavirus, riots in the US, boats of refugees capsizing – all in one day’s news report.

I had the realisation that there are myriads of wrongs in the world, and that there is really not much that I can do. For many of us, the world is a place where we feel alienated. Even when we may not be directly confronted with inequality, racism, poverty or illness, we grow up to realise that life is not at all how we imagined it.

But even during difficult times, we must remember that the world is full of beauty and wonder, and we might be the last generation who can really make a difference and protect our planet. I’d like to hope we can make a change, by starting the conversations that matter.

This is why I chose to end the music video with scenes of love, acceptance and nature thriving, showing that there is still hope for the world.”

“Is This World Mine” is out now and feels like a helping hand.