Laura Dre – Moving Spaces

Empowering songstress Laura Dre unveils the enchanting visuals for single 'Moving Spaces'

Empowering songstress Laura Dre unveils the enchanting visuals for single ‘Moving Spaces’

Influenced by the world of electronic pop, synth wave and even Japanese city pop, Laura Dre’s new release ‘Moving Spaces’ feels like an instant classic.

Taken from the new album of the same name, ‘Moving Spaces’ is an effortless offering that showcases this songstress doesn’t limit herself to one specific music style.

Directed by Ice Elloso, the visuals for ‘Moving Spaces’ feature the songwriter herself and a holographic version of Tokyo, Japan.

A colourful visual that comes across as retro in places but mostly refreshing, the captivating music video is a vivid experience from start to finish.

Speaking about the release, Laura Dre shares, “the song “Moving Spaces” itself is all about moving forwards and backwards in life and relationships, similar to being on a chessboard: people take 1 step forward or backwards into a different space.

The director Ice Elloso filmed at different locations in Tokyo, i.e. being in an elevator “going up and down”, walking, driving in a car to “move spaces”, which captures the nature of the song.

Apart from the physical space, there is also the emotional space between people. The video shows a hologram which in essence, can be interpreted as being in a long-distance relationship. You can be as far away from each other but still feel close partially thanks to technology, here with one person represented as a hologram.

The song is also sung in a melancholic, but somewhat nonchalant vocal style, to also show the “sad space” when you’re physically with someone but aren’t connected emotionally, because it’s a one-way road – the path of unrequited love.

Sounding somewhere between Shirley Manson and Alison Goldfrapp, ‘Moving Spaces’ streams originality and is instantly recognisable as Laura’s own.

Listen to the full album when it drops worldwide tomorrow, we’ve listened and can confirm it’s up there with the best of 2021.