Pink Mario – CHAD

Berlin-based artist Pink Mario releases dream-pop anthem 'CHAD'

Berlin-based artist Pink Mario releases dream-pop anthem ‘CHAD’

Produced by Pink Mario alongside co-producer Robin Brink (Manu Grace, Beatenberg), ‘CHAD‘ is the exceptional new release from the Berlin-based artist.

Evoking a feeling of longing through its spacious production, reverberated vocals and glistening synthesisers, ‘CHAD’ flows freely and comes across as a free-spirited number.

Speaking about the release, Pink Mario shares, “I wanted to show people on Earth a glimpse of what my world looks like… a place with evaporating trees, sulphurous rain and wobbling airborne plants. I hope my song gives humans a reason to wistfully dream of the distant and unknown.”

“Chad is an irrational love song for a country that I’ve never visited. I hope it captures the romance and excitement of searching for the distant and unknown, no matter how futile that endeavour may seem.

Though the country Chad may be in the middle of the Sahara desert, for me it’s more of an idea than an actual place.”

Beautifully crafted with nothing but love, ‘CHAD’ is backed by a colourful music video that lets the viewers put themselves into Pink Mario’s shoes.

A track that speaks about exploring this wondrous world we live in, Pink Mario’s captivating new release is out of this world.