Sierra Blax ft Tim Rose – INYIM

Singer-songwriter Sierra Blax ft Tim Rose returns with refreshing new single 'INYIM'

Singer-songwriter Sierra Blax returns with refreshing new single ‘INYIM’

Sierra Blax returns with neo-soul infused pop track ‘INYIM (It’s Not You It’s Me)‘.

A playful track that navigates through Sierra’s thought process of LA, the track was produced with Tim Rose (who also is the co-writer and producer).

Bringing an authentic aura to the world of soul, pop and R&B, Sierra Blax is an artist will flavour and clearly means business in the new track.

Sierra Blax told us, “I wrote “INYIM” almost a year ago, right before the lockdown happened. I remember that I was dog sitting my neighbors Frenchy for a week, and the pup would wake me up throughout the night to use the potty, so that entire week I was grumpy and sleep deprived.

Through the lack of sleep, my laziness inspired me to come up with this weird chord progression for this song that slowly transpired into some really cool jazzy/pop melodies. And soon enough, the lyrics just flooded out so easily and I think I wrote the first verse and chorus within an hour and never made any changes. I love it when that happens 🙂 This song is kind of like my confessional song-  it describes me in a way that I’m not so proud of, but at the same time I own it and love these flaws about myself.

I think everyone can relate to the lyrics when you find yourself in a hot-mess or in unrequited love, all while having no money. I know it’s kind of specific, but at the same time I’m sure most people have been through some kind of similar experience! “IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME” is my way of sharing my vulnerability to the world, while at the same time being playful and sassy about it!”

“INYIM” is armed with personality, sass and style. Unapologetic, fun and a track destined to make you dance – INYIM is out worldwide tomorrow and deserves a crown.