Sonic Hawkins – Christine

Sonic Hawkins mark their debut with single 'Christine'

Sonic Hawkins mark their debut with single ‘Christine’

Brand new project Sonic Hawkins release debut single ‘Christine‘ via Accidental. Darrell Hawkins aka the mastermind behind Sonic Hawkins is known for being the guitarist in Wild Palms. Now taking centre stage, ‘Christine’ is a vibrant introduction into the mind of Darrell.

Serenaded by punk and garage influences, ‘Christine’ feels like a rebirth and already a classic. Bathed in fuzz-laden power chords and a driving drum beat, Darrell’s piercing vocals sit on top of the mix with passion.

Sounding like The Velvet Underground jammed with Iggy Pop to create Sonic Hawkins, this track feels like a well-needed revival of good old fashioned garage punk.

On the release, Darrell mentioned, “I really love 8-bit metronomic beats with loose distorted riffs. The synth sounds are processed guitar riffs using Ableton. Big fan of repetition and loops.”

Darrell also told us about the artwork for ‘Christine’, “I source the majority of my subject matter online, collecting imagery in order to create digital collages, building a personal archive of reference material to create my paintings. The dynamic of the relationship I have with the people and things that inhabit my work is a form of fan boy mentality, a visual list of things I connect with and idolise.

I alternate between historical and contemporary references, connections I have made between subjects that interest me or potential outcomes of my own imagined narratives. Colour in my artwork democratises the imagery I use in my paintings. I employ clashing vibrant hues and punchy neons in my work to drive my visual ideas, explore my own sense of aesthetics and to fulfil an innate need for sensory exploration.”

An innovative artist that needs to be heard.