‘Beaches’ showcases Silver Lake at their most serene and picturesque

The track is just the third release from the captivating vintage pop duo.

The track is just the third release from the captivating vintage pop duo.

Since meeting in Amsterdam, Marleen Hoebe and Jesse Koch have since formed a relationship in more ways than one, each being partners and one half of the lush, nostalgic indie pop duo Silver Lake. Since releasing their debut single ‘Violet’ earlier in the year, the duo have gone from strength to strength and created a truly engaging and transcendent sound.

The third and latest example of this is ‘Beaches’, a beautiful track that is about beauty itself, and the way that you can always find it around you if look for it. From the effortlessly captivating vocals to the laid-back serenity of the soundscape and writing, ‘Beaches’ is a daydream of a track that washes you away to a gorgeous landscape, away from any worries and problems that you may have. A wonderful example of the chemistry the duo have and other-worldly charm of their sound.

For me, the beach is a place where time seems to stand still, which can be very soothing in a world where you are surrounded by chaos and change.” Marleen says of the track. “I wanted to make a song that evokes that same feeling in me. When i listen to this song it always reassures me and makes me calm and content and i hope that people who listen to this song at home or wherever they are will also feel a sense of security.”

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