Skyler Cocco reflects on the power of words on ‘The Drive’

The track follows this year's earlier single 'Runaway'

The track follows this year’s earlier single ‘Runaway’

Skyler Cocco returns with the reflective pop of ‘The Drive’. The new track follows the release of this year’s earlier single ‘Runaway’.

Built up from a guitar sample fro MUNA’s Splice ‘World Saving Sample Pack’ and later gaining the trio’s support for the song, Cocco decided ‘The Drive’ should be her next single following the group’s encouraging words. MUNA’s eagerness is understandable; ‘The Drive’ captures all the sentimental pop essence of their own work and the irresistible rhythms of bands such as Hair or The 1975. Decorated with bright synths and irresistible melodies, the track sees Cocco reflect on the impact of her words.

“I wrote ‘The Drive’ to reflect on a time where I’ve said things I didn’t mean to my partner or lashed out in a way that made them feel insecure in the relationship,” Cocco shares of the inspiration behind the track. “It’s the cool-down period after a fight, where you take some space to really let your own words resonate and see where you were wrong in a situation, and realise what you’re putting at stake by not changing those behaviours.

“I really wanted to write a love song that felt vulnerable and showed my true intentions, that I can hold myself accountable and change for someone who I wouldn’t want to live without.”

‘The Drive’ is available now.