‘Burning in Blue’ continues to establish SODAPOP’s carefree and upbeat brand of indie pop

The track is part of the artist's two track EP Burning In Blue // What Is Happening

The track is part of the artist’s two track EP Burning In Blue // What Is Happening

Having now well established his upbeat and engaging brand of indie pop, SODAPOP¬†is an artist that is sure to bring the noise and feelgood vibes with his energetic sound, and latest release ‘Burning in Blue’ is no exception.

The track is built around a really catchy and rousing chorus that exemplifies to carefree charm and appeal of the artist. Sometimes all that you need to listen to is a track that will sweep you up and transport you to somewhere a bit more scenic and less frantic, and that is something that SODAPOP does with ease with his sunny sound. ‘Burning in Blue’ serves as the more frenetic release on the artist’s new double release Burning In Blue // What Is Happening, and together the tracks provide a perfect launching point to familiarise yourself with the artist and what he is about.

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