Tei Shi would ‘DIE 4 UR LOVE’, alright?

The pop singer is all in with her new single 💔

The pop singer is all in with her new single 💔

Tei Shi is all in with her new single ‘DIE 4 UR LOVE’. The catchy track marks the welcome return of the pop singer and is the first since her second album La Linda.

Taking her first steps as a newly independent artists, ‘DIE 4 UR LOVE’ marks an audible side-step from the R&B sound of her previous work, with the Los Angeles-based artist fully embracing the bright tones and hip shaking beats of pure pop. Offset with a silky smooth chorus and warm synths, it is a confident re-emergence for woman-behind-the-moniker Valerie Teicher.

“’’Die 4 Ur Love’ is a song about the end of the world as you know it. About losing someone or something you never knew you could lose, and then all of a sudden, your reality shifts,” shares Teicher of her new single. “All the things you would have done, or said, the love you could have given, and being willing to die over it.

“I wrote it right after the new year when I was feeling a sense of impending doom and darkness,” she continues. “Which now feels surreal to see taking form in a real way around the world and in how the rest of 2020 has unfolded.”

‘DIE 4 UR LOVE’ is available now via DIKTATOR.