Fever 333 release Animal (DMC Remix)

Fever 333 have revealed a remix of their single ‘Animal’ with DMC (RUN DMC)!

Jason Aalon Butler of the band said “I learned most of what I know and utilize in my life musically, socially, and intellectually via hip hop. I was obsessed with the idea of taking the adversity most of the culture experienced and turning it into a song that moved to the beat of the human pulse while telling a story in a way that only adversity-influenced culture could – REAL.”

He also explains how DMC inspired the bands style:

“The moment I heard that mpc kick and snare hit in the track, into the distorted guitars and that intro solo there was something that was literally perfect to me and my love of hip hop and rock music suddenly made sense. I was obsessed. I studied the flow. The clothes. THE CULTURE that DMC and his group created and, no word of a lie, I applied what I learned from him to what you hear now in FEVER 333.”

Their collaboration goes further with a Sonic Activism capsule , including merchandise for the link-up, with all proceeds going to DMC’s Felix Foundation.


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