ZLEEP explore break-ups on ‘Endless Blues’

Coined as a 'soft breakup anthem', give 'Endless Blues' a listen.

Coined as a ‘soft breakup anthem’, give ‘Endless Blues’ a listen.

It’s not uncommon for us to recieve break up songs, after all it’s one of the biggest inspirations for musicians everywhere. What did catch our attention here though, is that this one comes from Zleep. 

Zleep, for those who don’t know are Emelie Falk and Sebastian Falk – a married couple. They describe their music as “very human, organic, somewhat melancholic alternative pop music with a tention” which is quite apt in this circumstance.

‘Endless Blues’ explores a breakup from someone that you know made you feel both bad and unsure of yourself, yet you still want them back. A situation that we’re sure many will be able to relate with.