Yellow Days shares ‘Love is Everywhere’, announces new album

A Day In A Yellow Beat is out August 7th

A Day In A Yellow Beat is out August 7th

Following ‘Treat You Right’, which was released two weeks ago, Yellow Days has offered a glimpse of his new album. ‘Love Is Everywhere’ is the first track from ‘A Day in a Yellow Beat’.

Check out the video for the new track below.

This second album will be “Upbeat existential millennial crisis music”, with George elaborating “I’m trying to brand my own version of ironic dance music full of depressing truths about feeling distant from your friends, or a sense that nothing is worth anything,”

With more experience, creative control and direction, “This is really my first record where I can let it fucking all out,” he says.

‘A Day in a Yellow Beat’ Tracklisting:

Be Free
Let You Know
(The Outsider)
Who’s There? (feat. Shirley Jones)
Getting Closer
Come Groove (Interlude)
Keep Yourself Alive
Open Your Eyes (feat. Shirley Jones & Nick Walters)
! (feat. Bishop Nehru)
(Pot Party)
Keeps Me Satisfied
(What Goes Up Must Come Down)
The Curse (feat. Mac Demarco)
Let’s Be Good To Each Other
Whatever You Wanna Do
Something Special (Interlude)
So Lost
I Don’t Mind
(Mature Love)
Treat You Right
Love Is Everywhere


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