EP Review: Kitty Rae – KITTY RAE

Australian alt-pop upstart Kitty Rae showcases her unique sonic world on her self-titled debut EP

With the release of her initial singles ‘RED LIGHTS’ and ‘When Everybody Is Sleeping’ establishing Australian singer-songwriter Kitty Rae‘s eclectic brand of dark, immersive alt-pop, the artist has followed up with the release of her self-titled debut EP KITTY RAE.

The release open withs ‘Rich’, a brooding and engaging track that features a sultry chorus and an impeccably catchy and captivating appeal. Burning with a real sense of poise and charisma.

This confidence and sense of fearlessness is prevalent throughout the release, from the effervescent glow of ‘Sunshine’, the first single released from the offering, to the moodier, more calculating feel of ‘Moonlight’, which bursts to life in its rousing and engaging chorus.

There is a darkness that coexists alongside this sense of confidence, making for a really interesting sound that feels almost in conflict with itself at times. The interesting, laid almost-bare moments in ‘High Expectations’ are met just with Kitty’s voice and delicate pianos, creating a feel of heightened drama, and a sense of imposing chaos. Inevitably, the track gives way to the artist’s dark, electronic soundscape once again, and provides another hugely memorable chorus.

‘Better Than That’ closes out the EP and sees the artist take on a bouncy and more upbeat sound, providing quite a stark contrast to the poised darkness that has often come before. KITTY RAE does a really stellar job of continuing to establish the sonic world of the artist, and fleshes out her sound and the different corners of pop that the artist is willing to push it into. There are some really distinctive and subversive moments here, with invariable huge and catchy choruses that keep things feeling accessible and light. Kitty Rae’s stock should undoubtedly rise following this release, with the artists sound expanding to showcase a raft of guile and creativity.

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