Debut single ‘Sticky Dancefloor’ sees Aaron Spencer demonstrate his indie rock prowess

Fans of guitar rock and nostalgia need look no further

Aaron Spencer¬†seems to have immaculately captured the thoughts and attitudes of young teenagers on debut single ‘Sticky Dancefloor’. Feeling lost, worried about your future, feeling overwhelmed by the choices and the weight of being expected to plan out your life at such a young age.

‘Sticky Dancefloor’ is a track about finding an escape from this within indie clubnights, meeting like-minded people in the same boat as you, just trying to have a good time and distract themselves. The track is an ode to the north of England, to the shitty clubs that we find solace in. It is about the music that we lose ourselves in and the people we lose ourselves with, and fittingly, it is a very nicely written piece of indie rock that will stay with you for long after your first exposure to it.

Fans of acts like The Strokes and Jamie T looking for something new to sick their teeth into need look no further.

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