Drew Danburry’s latest single ‘Mediocrity, for Micah Dahl Anderson’, proves to be anything but mediocre

The unique and multi-talented artist is at his shining best on the track

Drew Banburry‘s portfolio of talents include being a barber, a filmmaker, a musician and a skateboarder, among what you can only assume are a whole host of other things. ‘Mediocrity, for Micah Dahl Anderson’ is a single that has the artists DNA woven through it, and makes for a subtle and understated, yet richly rewarding track.

In order to encapsulate the tone of the track, that being mediocrity, Drew opted to create hand drawn animation music video himself. While this sounds quite sad on the surface, this time-consuming method has added an innocuous and beautiful layer to a track that was already alluring enough on its own merit.

The overall result is a track that is in equal parts captivating and charming, highlighting what Drew perceives to be his shortcomings, but in reality, showcasing something much bigger and and more profoundly powerful than the artist could have imagined.

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