‘Silver Wallet’ is a super encouraging debut release from Manchester indie artist Dee Rae

The artist's likeable sound and writing shine through on the track.

The artist’s likeable sound and writing shine through on the track.

On their debut single ‘Silver Wallet’, Dee Rae has immediately established themselves as a really engaging and fun new face in the UK indie rock scene. The Manchester-based artist possesses an affable sound that rings with a vulnerability and authenticity that shines throughout the release.

The track does a really nice job of showcasing the thoughtful writing and delivery of the artist, as they address the complexities of the music industry, especially as a young emerging artist that doesn’t necessarily have financial backing to bolster their chances. There is an earnestness to ‘Silver Wallet’ that feels relatable and nice, while the subject matter is quite specific, many of us have been through times where we can’t afford the nicest things or break through in a way that we would hope, and there is an really nice feeling of being seen and understood in a genuine way that comes across here effortlessly.