‘All The Yellow Flowers’ is the endearing and intriguing new release from Grace Gillespie

The track marks the artist's first new release of 2021.

The track marks the artist’s first new release of 2021.

London-based singer-songwriter Grace Gillespie¬†has rapidly earned herself a reputation as an affecting, captivating storyteller and a warmly received presence in the UK music scene over the last few years, and latest release ‘All The Yellow Flowers’ provides another glimpse into the uniquely engaging world of the artist.

Her sound is as rich and warm as ever on the track, like a stirring conversation with an old friend. There is a sense of melancholy introspection throughout the track as Grace’s voice softly dominates proceedings, both delicate but pumping emotion and life into every word. Grace Gillespie is an artist who has a propensity to pull you along for ride within the narratives of her stories and songs and every release seems to feel like a welcome escape into a thoughtful and colourful world.