Mylo Waters – Live It On Up

Brighten your day with the bittersweet sound of Mylo Waters debut single 'Live It On Up'

Brighten your day with the bittersweet sound of Mylo Waters debut single ‘Live It On Up’

At just 24 years old, Mylo Waters enters the world of solo music after numerous of years performing as a session musician. Now taking centre stage with his debut single, we can’t get enough of the track. Entitled ‘Live It On Up’, Mylo draws comparison to the likes of Paolo Nutini and Ray LaMontagne to name a few. Due for release worldwide tomorrow, it’s a glowing number that will always highlight a summer feel when heard. 

“The track came about pretty fast, I had received some bad news and a lyric idea came out of it. The following day I started writing and got the whole track written in like 20 mins. I played and recorded all the instruments in that day, sent it over to my good friend Jake Lipiec who added some drums and percussion parts, gave it a mix and it was done. Usually you end up messing around with stuff for a while but for some reason this track fell into place pretty naturally.” 

Inspired by life, it can be the hardest of times that wakes up people to achieve more towards their goals. Armed with motivation and an easy listening approach, the importance of this track will sit at the front of Mylo’s career for years to come. You’ll be hearing this track in a chick flick in no time as it simply brings you to your knees. If this is just the beginning for Mylo Waters, we’re in the presence of a star. 


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