Tin Pigeons – Another Time

Tin Pigeons unveil their new music video for 'Another Time'

Tin Pigeons unveil their new music video for ‘Another Time’

Indie pop duo Tin Pigeons unleash the authentic music video for latest single ‘Another Time‘. The track landed on November 27th and has already accumulated over 17,000 Spotify streams to date.

Visually, the music video embarks on the same story as the track, walking side by side with love and showcasing passion from platonic relationships and love interests.

On creating the record, they added, “We wrote and recorded the single just before the world shut down, so it feels so good to be able to release something into the world again!

The track defo comes from a place of introspection, something we’ve all become very used to at the moment! We wanted to write about the feeling of when a relationship breaks down but at the same time you just know it was never going to work.

A video that doesn’t let you look anywhere else, it’s addictive and original. Musically, the upbeat indie-pop anthem will find a way into your heart if it’s not there already.

Tin Pigeons are downright important in today’s music scene and should become a household name.