‘Painting Mirrors’ is the celestial new single from Amsterdam-based Ruben Pol

The artist releases his first new music since the breakthrough Infused Romance EP

‘Painting Mirrors’ is a track that possesses an uncanny and innate sense of warmth. Whether it is the comforting hum of its synths or the crystalline, intoxicating vocals, the latest effort from Ruben Pol is a deeply rewarding and comforting listen.

While this is true, the lyrics of the tracks tell a more troubled tale, and the amalgamation of this crates a unique dynamic that really makes Ruben’s track stand out. ‘Painting Mirrors’ is a crisps and effortlessly cool track that showcases the strides that Ruben Pol has taken from a songwriting and production standpoint. We look forward to hearing what the artist has yet to come.

Speaking a little more on the track, Ruben Pol said this: “Love can be blinding and it can make you do crazy, sometimes reckless things. I myself am guilty of this too. The urge to be with someone can be so strong it damages the very thing that you are chasing, love itself.”

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