Tomi Saario is dripping with contemporary pop appeal on ‘Just a Little’

This delicate confessional gem showcases the songwriting qualities of the artist

If you’re not looking for something that is going to spend the next few days swimming around your head then your best bet is probably to stay away from Tomi Saario‘s latest single.

‘Just a Little’ has an infectious, effortless quality that screams of longstanding contemporary appeal. Crammed with pop hooks and youthful appeal, the tracks candid honesty and innate charms leave a lasting impression. We look forward to hearing what the artist conjures up next, and seeing how long it takes his star to be catapulted into the stratosphere.

Writing from the whole spectrum or circle of life within love is too wide,” says Tomi. “I need to draw inspiration from a certain moment like laying in bed on a Sunday and having someone just scribble something on your back with their finger.”

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