‘Somewhere To Put My Gold’ is the fuzzy new alt-rock stomper from Zachary Kibbee

The track is from the artists acclaimed album Life in Low Fidelity. 

‘Somewhere To Put My Gold’ is, in essence, everything that alternative rock should be. Huge stomping hooks, an intangible sense of carefree fun and soaring, powerful vocals. Zachary Kibbee’s latest single is energy personified, melding modern and classic rock sounds to create something that feels truly unique and impossibly catchy.

The rockstar persona that Zachary exudes on the track is echoed within its video, with the artist effortlessly mirroring the bravado of his heavy riffage within himself. All in all, ‘Somewhere To Put My Gold’ is fun, it is heavy, it is bluesy, and it is sure to whir around your head for days on end.

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