Nancy announces 7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues mini album

Listen to the title track here

Listen to the title track here

Following the recent Happy Oddities EP, Nancy has announced his 10 track mini album with a January 15th release date!

Describing the album as a “celebration” and a “coming out party”, we can expect more of his brilliantly unique style we’ve seen so far.

Explaining the albums title and theme, he says “I used to get picked on a lot growing up in Sunderland to the point where I felt ashamed of myself and wanted to die. Being 7ft. tall, and standing out in the crowd can see like an aspirational thing, when you have the option to blend back in, but when it is inescapable it can cause so many problems you maybe wouldn’t otherwise think of. Let’s face it, I didn’t exactly help myself by wearing women’s clothes and sporting a mullet, but if you’re not careful this shit can ruin your fucking life.”

“Today, I am proud of who I am, I am grateful that I never fit in, I’m glad that I grew up lanky and daft-looking on a council estate because it forced me to the fringes, it forced me to double down on my weirdness and lean into being a fucking outsider.”

Watch the video for the title single below.


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