Stormzy urges people to “Never Forget” Grenfell Tower tragedy

He speaks today on the third anniversary

He speaks today on the third anniversary

Speaking during the Grenfell United event on YouTube (watch below), Stormzy has urged us all not to forget the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower on its third anniversary.

The rapper stated “To all the people of Grenfell, we’re still mourning with you, so to anyone watching this let’s use this time, let’s use today to stand in solidarity with them and say that we ain’t forgotten you. We love you, we’re here for you.”

Continuing, “When the Government and powers that be have turned their back on you, we’re here. We’re here, we’ve got you, we’re not letting this go.”

Adele, who also took part in the event stated “We’re still united for change and justice” – “I think that this year, more than ever, there has never been a more appropriate time for us to truly exercise camaraderie, compassion, open-mindedness and persistence. ‘Persistence for answers. Persistence for action.”

The fire took 72 lives on June 15th 2017 due to unsafe cladding.


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