Beach Riot create new Instagram filter arcade game

Search CATNIP 3000 on filters to play

Search CATNIP 3000 on filters to play

Beach Riot are back with their new single ‘Wrong Impression’, with a brand new instagram filter to celebrate.

The filter allows users to play an arcade style game which involves a spaceship and a tonne of waving cats.

Of the new track, which you can stream below, the band say “Imagine that you had the chance to go back in time to tell your younger self that you turned out alright. You’d do it, right? You’d give your old self some much needed advice and encouragement, and then be on your way? As we can’t go back in time, maybe take a moment. Next time you catch yourself in a reflection let yourself know it’s gonna be OK now. Love yourself <3”

Prizes for highscores will announced shortly.


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