Listen to new Porridge Radio’s new synthier direction on ‘7 Seconds’

The track previews an upcoming live session this week

The track previews an upcoming live session this week

Porridge Radio have released a new track with a more synth-y sound!

The track started “really different” to how it is now, with Dana Margolin of the band saying ““A few years ago I wrote a really slow, long and drawn out song about the end of something that was never right. I was sitting with Sam early last year and I played it to him and asked him if he could help me make it less miserable.

“He wrote the main keyboard riff almost immediately and it came together really quickly after that; we re-structured and re-arranged it and added the end part, which I think of lyrically as a kind of conversation between two different versions of myself.”

The Mercury nominated band (the winner will be announced on Monday) will also be releasing a live session, which will be released on Thursday at 7.30 UK time. The El Hardwick filmed performance was filmed at London’s St. Giles’ Church.

Listen to the track below.


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