Oh Wonder kick off Home Tapes series with ‘Lonely Star’

Their new track is truly beautiful

Their new track is truly beautiful

Following their latest (amazing) album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown, Oh Wonder are back, writing, recording, producing and releasing new material!

Though their recent tour was cut short due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the duo are making the best of their time in isolation.

Reminiscent of their early career, where they would release one track a month, the Home Tapes series has seen them kick off with the beautiful, serene ‘Lonely Star’.

“In this unprecedented period of confusion and loneliness, we wanted to contribute to the world’s efforts to make sense of it all, in the only way we know how. We are taking it back to how we started this band and embarking on a new project called “Home Tapes”, where we will seek to write, produce and mix songs at home to share with the world on a regular basis. In the absence of certainty, at least we will have music, and we hope that these songs provide some comfort, companionship and relief to those that need it.”
Josephine and Anthony


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