The 7 Arts Still Exist Festival returns this weekend

The event will take place online on the 29th, 30th and 31st May

The event will take place online on the 29th, 30th and 31st May

After attracting over 25,000 viewers in their first event, the 7 Arts Still Exist festival is back!

Originally created as a Facebook group where artists could share their talent, the project (created by artist Amy Crouch and musician Chloe Mogg) grew and is now showcasing musicians and artists from across the world.

You can check out the live streams of the event here.



Jess Silk, Dutch Criminal Record, Roisin O’Hagan, Kelsey Bovey, Jessie Reid, Ben

Kidson, Chloe Mogg, Fugitive Orchestra, Lydia Persaud, The Horse Puppets, Ed Geater, Meg

Shaw, Ellis Johnson, Grace George, Poppy WS, Alex Partirdge, Jack Cattell, Milo of Wheel Sea,

Jessie Dipper, Karina Ramage, ENNÈ, Charlotte Campbell, Rosie Bans, Darla Jade, Millie

Manders and The Shutup, Faye Bagley, James Baker, The Follicles, Thomas Atlas, ROSSO, Hope

Hardy, Ali Clinton, Alex Ohm, Daisy Chute, Rookes, Miles Hardt, Katrina Cain, SKIES, TRISHES &

Kev from the Murmur.


Exhibition art (artists, writers, photographers etc.):

Amy Crouch, Jake Healey, Sophie Louise Smith, Hannah Peetz, Annie

Monaghan, Molly Richards, Lee Parry, Heather Farmer, ENNÈ, Louis Martin, Rock Stars Rising,

Amy Harrison, Alex Cadle, Kris Taylor, Andy J Tyler, Russ Sargeant, Gaynor Gregory, Grace

Augstine, Russ Alka, Zoe Boswell, Beth Nicol, Leanne Weston, Gemma Deer, Alyssa Rolen, Alice

Boydell, Angela Barnes, Laura Phillips, Rachael Monks, Amber Hutchinson & Nicola Hickman.


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