Friday Favourites (Chloe Foy, HONEYMOAN + more)

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from All Faces, KOKO, Chloe Foy, St. Bishop, September, Malunga, HOAX, Hot Dreams, HONEYMOAN and 100.


This week, we’re highlighting new releases from All Faces, KOKO, Chloe Foy, St. Bishop, September, Malunga, HOAX, Hot Dreams, HONEYMOAN and 100.

Chloe Foy – Never Be The Same Again

Chloe Foy is back and this time, she’s armed with a string quartet! Get ready for the introspective ‘Never Be The Same Again’, the latest taste of her upcoming EP, which is set for a Spring 2020 release. Speaking on the track Chloe explains that it’s “a meditation on grief, particularly detailing the journey through denial and questioning. Though this song was originally a very simple arrangement with solo acoustic guitar and voice, I felt that to realize the gravity of the lyrics and to bring the emotion to the fore, it would be best framed by a string quartet, lending a cinematic pathos to lyrics replete with anger, bitterness, and regret.”

All Faces – Here I Am

It’s the end of the week, you can relax now! (Hopefully) To help you do so, we have just the thing. A new track from London’s folk duo All Faces, ‘Here I Am’ navigated the beauty that lies within all things and having the confidence to be happy about what you have. ‘Here I Am’ is a taste of their upcoming album, which we’re very excited about here at Clout.

St Bishop – Sleep It Off

Irish electro-pop for you here from St. Bishop in the shimmering form of ‘Sleep It Off’. If you’re a fan of driving electronics, insatiable hooks and deep, soulful vocals then sit down, turn the volume up and let loose. Discussing the tracks origins St. Bishop explains that “it’s about about the hunt for social gratification. Over the years, social media has been something that I love to use but also something that triggers anxiety. As soon as anyone asks how you’re doing you pretend that you’re fine. If you do decide to open up, you sugar coat it and ‘sleep it off’ but you don’t, you lie there in your own sadness and let it take you over. From talking to friends, I know that most people who use social media feel the weight of these pressures.”

September – Bigger Problem

Are you ready to meet your new favourite pop act from Iceland? September throw nods to the likes of Cheat Codes in all the best ways. Narratively ‘Bigger Problem’ is centred around a girl who’s sick of her boyfriend, a tainted tale of self-empowerment. All in all, it’s a bit of fun, which is exactly what pop music should be, right?

Malunga – I Like

Following the success of ‘A.M’ and ‘Proud’, Malunga is back with fierce new effort ‘I Like’. Interweaving R&B with tropical touches do well to create a truly unique sound to form the base, whilst her vocals layer up throughout the remainder of the track. Speaking on the release, Malunga explains that it’s “the ultimate confidence booster song. It’s all about feeling yourself and celebrating who you truly are. For me the song captures being spontaneous and living in the moment. This is my New Year anthem.”

HOAX – Unconditional

New York’s HOAX explores a non-traditional take on love on new effort ‘Unconditional’. As they put it, “it’s not so much having blind faith; rather, it’s more careful observation on why we see a person for their imperfections to begin with.” ‘Unconditional’ comes straight from their upcoming debut full-length, a concept album titled b?

HONEYMOAN – Still Here

Freshly signed to Communion Records for their upcoming second EP Weirdo (set for release 21stFeb 2020), Cape Town’s HONEYMOAN have dropped the massive ‘Still Here’.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Alison Rachel has explained that“Still Here is simply about feeling the daily pressures that come with dealing with anxiety and depression and doing your best to hold things together when you really just can’t anymore. Although lyrically it’s the most personal song that I’ve written, it’s turned into a really upbeat indie rock track that’s good for dancing!”

Hot Dreams – This Town

The first release to come from Hot Dreams’ debut EP The Hideaway, ‘This Town’ examines the journey of two people growing up in love together and the challenges they face whilst trying to adapt to each other as one another change and grow. Speaking on the track, they explain that they “started writing this song around a piano when talking about a dilemma one of us was in. The rest was done in Cam’s studio in the Sussex countryside, where we wrote and recorded the rest of the song. Whilst the song has been through many changes and has had many parts added, it still feels like the same honest piano ballad we started with”.

100 – Weightless

Prepare to go on a journey with this track. A 6-minute long epic tale that climaxes into an entirely cinematic end. Sydney’s 100’snew effort ‘Weightless’ examines their hometowns and the people in them. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong, this is going to hit home.

Koko – Freak

It’s debut time! Our favourite part of Friday Favourites. This week it comes from Bristol’s new electro-pop outfit KOKO. ‘Freak’ sets the basis for an act that endeavours to be dark and dynamic with touches of indie and hip-hop about them. Speaking on the track the trio explain that “It’s a FU to the man! We’re telling you to be whoever, or whatever, you want. Embrace individuality”